Lorena + Dragoș | Clip Nuntă Focșani | România

Strabatem tara-n lung si-n lat ca sa gasim si sa filmam cele mai frumoase si mai elegante nunti iar daca nu v-am convins pana acum cu siguranta nu trebuie sa ratati clipul Lorenei si al lui Dragos! 😛 Ca orice eveniment de asemenea importanta, nunta a fost planuita si decorata pana la cel mai mic detaliu, incepand cu pregatirile, noi avand material de filmat la orice pas si orice coltisor, exact asa cum trebuie sa fie. 🙂 Sarbatoarea a tinut oficial o zi insa noi ne-am mai dat o intalnire cu mirii undeva pe varf de munte si margine de lac, sa adaugam inca ceva la imaginile grozave cu ei, cireasa de pe tort cum s-ar spune. 😀 Le dorim multa fericire si impliniri pe toate planurile, mereu impreuna si la bine si la greu!

We cross the country far and wide seeking to shoot the best and most elegant weddings. Not convinced yet? Be sure to watch this one, starring Lorena and Dragos! 😛 Like every event of this scale and importance, the wedding was planned and decorated to the smallest detail, right from start, giving us lots of footage to process, just as it should be. 🙂 The party officially lasted for just one day but we met with the couple one more time on top of a mountain, at the shores of a beautiful lake, to get some more awesome shots, the icing on the cake as they say. 😀 We wish them a life full of happiness and success, always together forever and for always!

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