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Ne plac nunțile în deplasare, cât mai departe de casă, cu oameni ce vorbesc limbi diferite sau măcar o română cu accent diferit. :) Însă și mai mult de atât ne plac nunțile de la mare, mini concediile cu mult soare, ceremoniile în aer liber și oamenii dragi nouă. Astăzi vorbim despre toate la un loc și vă prezentăm încă un clip din seria celor pe care nu trebuie să le ratați!

Conform obiceiului ar trebui să vorbim mai întâi despre locație însă nu știm exact de unde să începem. Cu siguranță nu ne-am fi așteptat vreodată să întâlnim asemenea peisaje la Marea Neagră. Pur și simplu ne-au tăiat respirația, fie că vorbim despre amfiteatrul de pe marginea unei prăpăstii sau despre terenurile de golf superbe și plajele sălbatice de la câțiva kilometri mai încolo. Genială și inedită alegerea locației de nuntă, felicitări mirilor!

Și dacă tot veni vorba despre miri, Luoana și Andrei au fost un adevărat exemplu de "așa da!", lăsând în urmă orice grijă sau emoție negativă și trăind la maxim fiecare moment din ziua nunții. Fără dar și poate unul din cele mai frumoase momente a fost intrarea miresei, într-un cadru și o atmosferă cum vezi doar în filme. Ne-am simțit onorați să participăm la un asemenea moment și la toate celelalte care au urmat pe parcursul zilei.

Luoana, Andrei, încă o dată felicitări pentru tot ce ați făcut și pentru cum ați făcut! A ieșit perfect din toate punctele de vedere, cu zâmbete, bucurie și lacrimi de emoție. Deci pe scurt, vă dorim să o țineți tot așa că va fi bine :) Iubiți-vă mult!

We like our destination weddings, as far away from home as possible, meeting new people and new language accents but most of all we like weddings close to the sea, sunny mini-vacations, open air ceremonies and people dear to us. Today we are proud to present all of these combined and a wedding video to match. :)

As usual, we should start by describing the location but we don't really know where to start. We certainly weren't expecting to find such breathtaking beauty at a Black Sea resort, starting with the cliff-edge amphitheater and ending the next day with the stunning golf courses and wild beaches down below. Simply brilliant choice of location, kudos to the couple!

Speaking about the couple, Luoana and Andrei were a perfect example of how you should enjoy your own wedding day and act accordingly. Emotions were high, sometimes accompanied by tears but it was all positive. One of the most beautiful moments was the bride entrance, climbing down the steps towards the groom with the cinematic sea and a huge cliff behind. We were honored to be there, as simple as that.

Luana, Andrei, congratulations again for everything that you did that day and how you did it. It worked out perfectly in every way and there's nothing left to add than a sincere advice: keep up the good work and love each other more and more with each day that passes!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta - Luoana & Andrei - Filmare in Balchik, BG

Realizat intr-un stil diferit de cel cu care v-am obisnuit pana acum si care, trebuie sa recunoastem, a inceput sa ne placa, clipul de mai sus este rezultatul unei colaborari frumoase intre noi, echipa video si cei doi miri, iar filmarile au inceput intr-o calduroasa zi de august...

Nu vom mai vorbi despre cat de cald a fost, nici despre cat de frumoasa a fost muzica sau cat de buna a fost mancarea. Va vom spune in schimb ca am vazut o foarte mare atentie la detalii, atat la pregatirile de nunta cat si la detaliile de la restaurant sau chiar alegerea restaurantului in sine, Smart Pub Events. Si chiar daca nu a fost suficient timp pentru o sedinta video cu mirii in ziua nuntii, am recuperat gratios la cateva saptamani distanta iar rezultatul ar trebui sa fie la inaltimea asteptarilor, mai ales ca la inaltime a si fost filmat, pe Transbucegi :)

Multumiri si felicitari deosebite mirilor pentru implicare si colaborare, inclusiv in alegerea piesei! Stilul este unul romantic pentru clip si cel mai probabil romantic si in viata lor impreuna asa ca incheiem cu traditionala urare “iubiti-va mult!” si multa sanatate si succes pana la adanci batraneti!

Made in a slightly different style, one that we have to admit is starting to grow on us, this wedding clip is the result of a beautiful collaboration between us and the wedding couple, an everything started on a warm august day...

We won’t talk about the heat, the beautiful songs or how good the food was. Instead we’ll talk about the attention to detail and the great choices that the couple made in organizing their Big Day. Lots of flowers and sparkling lights for sure! And even though there wasn’t much time for a video seesion with just the two of them, we more than made up for it with the after wedding “love the dress” mini-shoot. :)

A big Thank You to the couple for their attention and collaboration, even when it came to choosing the sountrack! We went for a romantic style this time and most certainly it’s also the style of their relationship so let’s end in this note, wishing them a life full of love, laughter and great success, for Happily Ever After!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta - Beatrice & Flavius - Filmare in Craiova, RO

La distanta de o saptamana dupa ce am filmat o nunta pe 40 de grade in Spania am avut oportunitatea de a descoperi ce inseamna aceleasi 40 de grade in sudul Romaniei. Cod rosu, soare, miros de creier ars. :)) Piscina din dotarea hotelului a fost un adevarat colt de rai, la fel cum a fost si bunatatea cu care ne-au primit mirii si increderea pe care ne-au acordat-o. “Refreshing” cum ar zice englezii, caci tocmai din Marea Britanie au venit mirii si tot de acolo erau si o parte din invitati. Sper ca si-au adus multa crema de plaja ca norii si ploaia sigur nu le-au incaput in bagaje. :))

Bineinteles ca nunta a fost senzationala, dupa cum se vede si in imagini, fiind presarata cu momente emotionante atat la biserica precum si la restaurant, dansul mirilor fiind unul dintre ele, un dans care ne-a impresionat si atunci la fata locului dar si acum de fiecare data cand il revedem pe filmare. Felicitari mirilor!

Alina si Adi, va dorim toate cele bune, succes pe toate planurile in orice tara v-ati afla si sa tineti mereu aprinsa flacara dragostei, nu la 40 ci la 4000 de grade. ;)

About a week after we shot a wedding in Spain with 40 degrees C outside we had the oportunity to experience the same in south Romania. Red alert, lots of sun and smell of brain damage :)) You can imagine why we saw the hotel pool as an oasis from heaven, just like the collaboration and trust the wedding couple gave us. Quite refreshing as an englishman would put it, cause that’s exactly where some guests came from, the UK. I sure hope they brought enough sunscreen with them :))

Just as you might expect, the wedding was a real success and we have the images to prove it, being full of emotional moments like the first dance, a perfect example of how it should be done, impressing us then, now and everytime we see it. Congrats to the couple!

Alina and Adi, we wish you all the best and best of luck in every domain, both personal and professional and don’t forget to keep the relationship hot, at least 40C every day :D

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta - Alina & Adi - Filmare in Dragasani, RO

Pe masura ce trece timpul suntem din ce in ce mai convinsi ca nuntile pe care le filmam noi sunt cele mai misto, cu cei mai faini oameni si e greu sa fim contrazisi, mai ales cand avem exemple ca si cel de fata :D

Am calatorit cu mari emotii in Spania, stiind ca ne asteapta 40 de grade la umbra si multa, multa munca dar am ramas surprinsi de cat de usor ne-a fost defapt sa suportam canicula, probabil si datorita zambetelor absolut energizante ale mirilor si dragostea din ochii lor cand se priveau, elemente care ne faceau sa fim siguri ca vom avea material suficient pentru unul din cele mai frumoase clipuri.

Despre nunta in sine am vrea sa va vorbeasca imaginile, nu inainte de a le multumi lui Paul si Elutei pentru incredere si rabdare, colaborare si modul in care ne-au primit la petrecerea lor. Trimitem pupici si multa iubire din indepartata Romanie! Iubiti-va mult! ;)

As time goes by we are more and more convinced that the weddings we shoot are the best and with the nicest people, and it’s hard to contradict us, especially when we have examples like Paul and Eluta. :D

We flew to Spain with a certain degree of anxiety, knowing right from the start that we would be greeted with intense summer heat, with 40 degrees C in the shade and nowhere to hide from it. But we were actually suprised by how easy it was to completely forget about it and concentrate on our work, probably because of all the refreshing smiles and love gestures that Eluta and Paul constantly sent towards each other. That gave us the satifaction of a job well done and one of our best clips to prove it. :P

And so we would like to let the images tell the rest of the story, right after we thank the couple again for their trust, patience and for having us at their wedding. We send lots of kisses from far-away Romania and hope to see them again soon!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

La aceasta nunta ne-am ocupat si de partea foto! At this wedding we were also hired to take pictures! [ click aici/click here ]

Clip Nunta 4K - Eluta & Paul - Filmare in Madrid, ES

Credeam ca in 10 ani le-am vazut pe toate in materie de nunti, dar tot asa se-ntampla, cand crezi ca stii exact ce urmeaza te trezesti ca tortul apare pe bucati si incep mirii sa-l asambleze in fata invitatilor. :)

Da! Despre asta e vorba, despre lucruri noi, diferite, mici detalii care fac o nunta memorabila. Iar ideea cu tortul a fost doar una din surprizele acestui eveniment, o alta fiind bufetul extrem-extrem de gustos de la restaurant. Chiar nu mai tinem minte de cand n-am mai mancat asa bunatati la o nunta dar au ramas in istorie oricum. :D

Sa lasam totusi stomacul la o parte si sa zicem ceva si de suflet, ne-am simtit foarte bine alaturi de Andreea si Alex! Sunt niste oameni extraordinari care stiu sa se bucure de cadourile vietii, unul din ele venind deja sub forma unui baietel pretios care fara sa stie a avut onoarea de a participa la nunta parintilor, chiar daca numai cu auzul si niste miscari de dans. :P Le multumim pentru ca ne-au invitat la cea mai frumoasa zi din viata lor (de pana atunci cel putin) si le dorim sa pastreze acea veselie si pentru restul vietii, sa nu se termine niciodata! Iubiti-va mult!

Just as we thought we've seen everything in the last 10 years of shooting weddings we were presented with a few bowls of strawberries, some sugar and... the realisation that in fact that was the future wedding cake. Built by the wedding couple!

Yeah! That's how we like it, new and different details that make every wedding memorable. And the idea with the cake was only one of the surprises of this event, another being the extemely delicious buffet at the restaurant. Honestly, we can't remember when was the last time we ate food as good as that at a wedding but it's history now. :D

But let's leave the food stuff aside for the moment, shall we? :) We had a great time with Andreea and Alex! They are two extraordinary people who know how to enjoy all the gifts that life gives them, one of them being a precious little boy that had the honour of attending his parents' wedding! :P We're delighted to have taken part at the best day of their lives (until then at least) and we hope that they'll 'enjoy with joy' every moment in life and love each other more and more each day!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta - Andreea & Alex - Filmare in Bucuresti, RO

Ce se intampla cand un inginer IT se indragosteste de un doctor? Doua meserii care nu au mai nimic in comun decat poate aptitudini de distrugere a virusilor/virusurilor si totusi iata doi oameni care in cazul de fata se iubesc atat de mult incat organizeaza o nunta :)

Mereu cand ajungem la Cluj avem asteptari mari si nu ne intelegeti gresit, nu e vorba de fast, nunti complicate si scumpe. E vorba de atmosfera si sinceritate, fiecare pereche clujeana de pana acum aratand clar si fara discutie ca a venit in fata altarului de bunavoie si nesilita de nimeni iar Alex si Lavinia nu au facut altceva decat sa ridice putin stacheta in acest sens si ii felicitam pentru asta!

Ocazia cununiei lor a fost o noua provocare pentru noi din mai multe motive tehnice, mai ales fiind prima nunta din an. Dar stiti cum se spune, daca incepe bine se si termina cu bine asa ca le multumim mirilor pentru dubla onoare de a incredinta pe mana noastra atat fotografiile cat si filmarile de la nunta lor si le dorim sa continue ce au inceput ca au inceput foarte bine.! Va pupam si... iubiti-va mult!

What happens when a programmer falls in love with a doctor? Two totally different domains that have nothing in common except maybe the unusually high desire to fight viruses, yet we find these two people who love each other so much that they get married.

Travelling to Cluj always raises some expectations and don’t get us wrong, it’s not about complicated and high budget weddings, it’s more about sincerity and atmosphere, each of our couples from this area showing clear signs of pure, ever present love. Alex and Lavinia just raised the bar a little bit higher and we congratulate them for that!

This event was somewhat of a new challenge for us technical-wise, especially being the first wedding of the year. But you know how they say, all’s well that ends well so we thank Alex and Lavinia for trusting us with both their photos and their video and we hope that they’ll continue what they started, cause it started very well! We love you and hope to meeting you soon!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

La aceasta nunta ne-am ocupat si de partea foto! At this wedding we were also hired to take pictures! [ click aici/click here ] Clip Nunta - Lavinia & Alex - Filmare in Cluj Napoca, RO

Sunt cateva familii pe lumea asta care ne sunt foarte dragi si cu care abia asteptam sa ne intalnim pe la diferitele evenimente pe care le avem prin tara. Iar cand membrii unei asemenea familii dragi ajung sa faca marele pas si sa ne cheme la propria nunta, bucuria si emotia sunt de doua ori mai mari!

Edd si Rebeca sunt protagonistii unei povesti frumoase de dragoste care s-a oficializat intr-o calduroasa zi de iulie. Au avut pana si curajul sa inchirieze o masina decapotabila in ciuda soarelui, doar de dragul de a avea cele mai frumoase cadre, exact asa cum ne place sa vedem :) Ne-a placut foarte mult atmosfera creata, atat la biserica precum si la masa, cu toate cantecele si poeziile rostite de cei dragi, cu mancarea sanatoasa care pe deasupra a mai fost si buna si, nu in ultimul rand, caldura sufleteasca pe care am simtit-o.

Dragilor nostri miri le transmitem cele mai frumoase ganduri de bine si abia asteptam sa ne revedem pe la vreo nunta! Tineti-o tot asa intr-un zambet si priviri dulci, de e soare sau nor, scoateti o umbrela si iubiti-va vesnic!

There are a few families that are very dear to us and we can’t wait to meet them at various events we have throughout the country. And when a member of one of these families gets married and asks you to shoot their Big Day, emotions go through the roof!

Edd and Rebeca are the protagonists of a love story that became official on a sunny day in july. They even had the courage to rent a convertible just to have the best shots possible despite the heat, exactly the determination we like to see. :) We also admired the atmosphere that their friends and loved ones created at the church and restaurant, with all the nice songs and poems, and we also liked the healthy and delicious food!

To our dear couple we send all our best wishes and thoughts and we can’t wait to meet them again! Always try to be happy and love each other, no matter how hard it will rain on some of your days!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta - Rebeca & Eduard - Filmare in Ploiesti, RO

In general cand ajungi la o nunta la care sunt invitati trei sau patru cantareti celebri cu nume precum Loredana Groza iar la biserica vine insusi Episcopul nu te astepti sa fii prea mult bagat in seama ca videograf. De cele mai multe ori e un exercitiu de tupeu si curaj sa propui mirilor sa iasa la o sedinta video intre biserica si masa, ce sa mai vorbim despre un Trash the Dress. Dar nu si de data asta!

Ne face o mare placere sa ne amintim cat de bine ne-am inteles cu mirii si cata energie pozitiva au transmis invitatilor pe tot parcursul nuntii. Pe chipurile celor doi s-a vazut cu adevarat faptul ca se iubesc iar naturaletea gesturilor, relatia cu invitatii si timpul petrecut pe ringul de dans au facut din acea zi o reusita si o amintire cat de poate de placuta. Avem si o distinctie pentru Cristi, a fost cel mai prezent mire pe ringul de dans pe care l-am avut in zece ani de cand filmam nunti, nici nu prea l-am vazut la masa si cred ca a dansat aproape toata seara incontinuu - bravo!

Ca de obicei ar mai fi multe de zis dar din fericire fiind videografi de meserie o putem face si prin imagini :) asa ca facem o incheiere multumind mirilor pentru colaborare si incredere si le dorim succes pe toate planurile, dragoste fara sfarsit si nu in ultimul rand sanatate!

Usually when you get to shoot a wedding where there are three or four famous singers invited like, for example, Loredana Groza and you get to have the Bishop hold the wedding ceremony you don't really have big expectations in terms of collaboration with the couple, never mention the after wedding session which is most often canceled or postponed forever. But not this time!

We're glad to say that we remember this wedding as being one of the best in terms of getting along with the bride and groom, with them sending a huge amount of positive energy to all the guests throughout the day. You could clearly see that they loved each other and that also made our work mush easier and a real pleasure. We also have a prize for Cristi, he's certainly the most active groom-dancer we'we ever had since we started working ten years ago. Did he ever sit down we wonder? Good Job Cristi!

As usual there is much more to say but luckily we can help the story with a nice video so, to wrap it up, we thank Cristi and Cristina for having us there, for trusting us with their wedding material and for their collaboration! We wish them great success in every domain, neverending love and, last but not least, a long and healthy life together!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta 4K - Cristina & Cristi - Filmare in Amara, RO

Cand nunta incepe bine, in general se si termina cu bine, iar cand inceputul include doi miri frumosi, un apartament select si un Morgan decapotabil, ce-ar putea sa mearga rau, nu-i asa? Nunta aceasta face parte din seria nuntilor in care ne-am simtit "ca acasa", si stiu ca ati auzit destul de des vorba asta de la noi, dar cand reintalnesti prieteni atat de "faini" prin locurile in care mergi n-ai cum sa nu te simti bine si sa fii inspirat la maxim. :D

Eddie si Ligia si-au organizat nunta excelent, singura problema fiind aceea ca a avut loc fix in ziua in care nationala de fotbal a Romaniei a pierdut (inca) un meci. :)) In rest, numai motive de bucurie, va dati seama, dulciuri, mancare buna si vreme buna pentru toti invitatii, iar pentru noi exclusiv, o sedinta video ca-n povesti, cu un drum prin padure, o masina si doi indragostiti. Vorba aia, timp sa fie, ca restul vine de sine :)

Multa dragoste le dorim in continuare, succes pe toate planurile si nu in ultimul rand, sanatate!

When it all starts well it ends well, and when the start includes a beautiful couple, a designer apartment and a Morgan roadster what can possibly go wrong, right? This is actually one of those weddings that made us feel at home, with lots of old friend all around us, and we know you've heard this before but we really mean it. :)

Eddie and Ligia did a great job organizing their wedding, the only real problem being that it took place the same day Romania lost another football match. :)) Which is actually a small problem by now and everything else was top notch, the sweets, the food and the weather also. We also had something extra, a video session in the woods, with a nice road, a nice car and most of all, two beautiful newly weds. If there's enough time, we can do magic!

So in the end we left the important things, the part where we wish them all the best, love, health and success in all their plans!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta - Eddie & Ligia - Filmare in Bucuresti, RO

Intotdeauna am zis ca daca ajungem sa filmam nunti in Paris, una din cele mai curajoase chestii pe care le-am putea face ar fi sa NU luam niciun cadru cu Turnul Eiffel. :)) Pe bune, “hai sa fim diferiti, hai sa nu fim ca toti ceilalti, hai sa aratam ca mirii sunt pe locul 1 si ca nu ne intereseaza turnul” :D

Si daca tot vine vorba de miri, ei sunt, cum zicem noi ardelenii, “oameni faini”, ne-au primit ca si cum am fi fost din familie si, chiar daca vremea ne-a mai suparat pe alocuri, ne-am simtit extrem de bine alaturi de ei si ne bucuram ca am reusit sa surprindem cadre frumoase la ei la nunta.

Pe la noi pe-aici se zice ca ploaia aduce belsug dar in cazul lor suntem siguri ca belsugul e mai putin important decat dragostea, credinta si pacea caminului. Le dorim toate acestea si inca mult mai multe pe care n-avem loc sa le scriem! A, si nu puteam sa uitam, multumim pentru tot, incredere, ocazia de a fi acolo si, nu in ultimul rand, rabdare!

When it comes to weddings in Paris we always had this thing in our mind that the most courageous thing we could do is to avoid the Eiffel Tower altogether. :)) No, really, why not be different and do something new, also proving that we came for the wedding and not the location. :D

Speaking of the wedding, the bride and groom were very nice people to work with. We were received not only as guests but more like family and, even if the rain sometimes tried to spoil our day we felt extremely motivated and we’re glad to have taken some very nice shots at the event and the day after.

There’s a saying here that rain brings prosperity but, in their case we’re sure that there are many other more important things they value, like love, faith and peace. We wish them all of the above and many more! Ah, and we almost forgot. Thank you for all your trust, for having us there and, of course, for your patience!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta - Iana & Vitalii - Filmare in Paris, FR

Luna asta cand toata lumea se gandeste la colinde, cadouri si cheltuieli, noi astia cu nuntile ramanem tot cu ale noastre, clipuri si clienti fericiti. :D Astazi prezentam in sfarsit un eveniment la care n-am murit de cald, si vai, ce bine-a fost! A iesit si curcubeul dupa o scurta ploaie, suficient cat sa zburam cu drona si sa ciocneasca si mirii un pahar de sampanie inaintea petrecerii.

Ne-am distrat mult la cu ocazia asta, incepand chiar de la pregatiri, glumele noastre despre dinam... aaaa... adica steaua si miniparfumurile mamei soacre destinzand atmosfera acasa la mire. Am avut si domnisori de onoare, l-am avut si pe Tinu Veresezan dar in primul si-n primul rand, am avut doi miri frumosi care si-au organizat cu intelepciune nunta. O nunta care, bineinteles, a tinut pana dimineata si a lasat in urma amintiri frumoase si un inceput "corect si corespunzator" pentru proaspetii casatoriti. :))

Florin si Amelia, va multumim pentru ca ne-ati chemat la nunta, va felicitam pentru tot ce-ati facut acolo si va dorim sa aveti parte de cele mai frumoase amintiri si-n restul vietii, cu sanatate, belsug si multa dragoste!

It's that time of year when everyone thinks about carols, presents and out of control costs, and here we are talking about wedding clips and satisfied customers. :D And today at last it's about an event at which we didn't die of heat, which is always a good thing, believe us! We also got to see the rainbow after a rain shower, just enough for a nice toast outside the venue and before the party.

Speaking about parties, we had lots of fun at this wedding right from the start, at the groom's house where we made jokes about football and the mother's mini perfumes. The bridesmaids were there, Tinu Veresezan was there but most importantly, our beautiful couple was there, organizing their wedding like a pro. A wedding that lasted until the next day and left behind some beautiful memories and a good start in the newly wedds' life.

Florin and Amelia, we thank you for having us there, we congratulate you for the way you inspired your Big Day and we wish you best of luck and lots of love!

With love/Cu drag, Media B

Clip Nunta 4K - Amelia & Florin - Filmare in Arad, RO

Una din nuntile pe care abia am asteptat sa le filmam, unul din cele mai frumoase evenimente din an si totodata unul din cele mai frumoase clipuri! Trebuie sa recunoastem, abia am asteptat sa prelucram acest film si am putea sa scriem despre asta inca vreo doua pagini :D dar mai bine vorbim despre ei, Daiana si Abel, doua jumatati care s-au vazut, s-au placut si s-au decis sa faca un mega ospat pe care sa-l tina lumea minte :)

Au fost lacuri si piscine, lebede pe lac dar nu si in piscine, mere, mere si mai multe mere, poezii, cantari, frati, surori, nasi, mireasa si mire, la un moment dat a ramas doar mirele, negocieri, bani, declaratii, tort si... niste mici chestii in flacari dar e ceva normal. :D

Pentru Abel si Daiana avem numai cuvinte de apreciere, ii felicitam pentru modul in care si-au organizat nunta, pentru colaborare si rezistenta la stres si nu in ultimul rand pentru ca au avut rabdare sa repete cu noi cadrele ce nu ieseau din prima :) Si le mai spunem si urarile de bine clasice, despre dragoste, sanatate, succes si fericire, ca asa-i frumos la inceput de drum!

One of the weddings we looked forward to shoot, one of the best events of the year and also one of the most beautiful videoclips we made! We have to admit, we couldn’t wait to edit this movie and we could go on about it for two more pages. :D But let’s talk about them, Daiana and Abel, two soulmates who saw each other, liked what they saw and decided to write history. :)

There was a lake and a pool, swans in the lake but not in the pool, apples, apples and more apples, poems, songs, brothers and sisters, groom and bride then groom without bride, negotiations, money, bride and groom again, big cake and… some fire sticks but that’s perfectly normal. :D

We have only words of praise for Abel and Daiana, for the way they organized their wedding, for their cooperation and commitment and, last but not least, for the patience with which they repeated all the complicated shots in front of the camera :) And of course we won’t leave out the classic wishes: love, health, success and happiness, for them and all our viewers!

With love/Cu drag, Raluca & Norbert

Clip Nunta - Daiana & Abel - Filmare in Timisoara, RO

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